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Example 1 Napoleon's Theorem

Napoleonís Theorem Example 1: Napoleonís Theorem Napoleonís Theorem states that if you take a general triangle a...
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Example 2 An unexpected triangle from a Pythagoras

An unexpected triangle from a Pythagoras-like diagram Example 2: An unexpected triangle from a Pythagoras-like diagra...
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Example 3 A Penequilateral Triangle

A Penequilateral Triangle Example 3: A Penequilateral Triangle Starting with a triangle whose sides are length a,b...
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Example 4 Another Penequilateral Triangle

Another Penequilateral Triangle Example 4: Another Penequilateral Triangle We can do a similar construction based ...
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Example 5 Quadralateral Theorem

Quadralateral Theorem Example 5: Quadralateral Theorem This theorem states that if you draw a square on each side ...
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