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August 2011 
Geometry Expressions 3.0
camappGeometry Expressions 3.0 contains powerful exciting new code generation capabilities.  At the press of a button, you can turn your Geometry Expressions model into a complete HTML5 app which works on any modern browser, on any OS, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  Great for quickly writing interactive elements to complement online material.  Examples of apps created using Geometry Expressions 3.0 can be seen here and here.

The facility is powerful enough to use in the creation of formidable geometry based web apps.  Check out our suite of engineering cam design apps here.

You can create fully functional HTML5 / JavaScript apps with no programming at all.  However, if you are a programmer, you'll love the ability to copy and paste Geometry Expressions outputs as source code in a number of different languages (C, Objective C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, VBA, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript).

If you contribute to Wikipedia, or write technical papers, you'll appreciate the new TeX output option.


Output of animated gif's allow you post animations on your website, or embed them in your PowerPoint presentation.   


Videos of the new features are posted on our YouTube channel


Geometry Expressions 3.0 is available for purchase here.


Upgrades are available here, at reduced cost for users of ANY previous version of Geometry Expressions. 


How to...create an HTML5 App
triangle area
Let's say we want to create an app which computes the area of a triangle defined by its side lengths.  Here's how:

The first step is to draw a triangle in Geometry Expressions, and constrain its side lengths using variables (a,b,c in this case).

We then need to add a measurement of the area of the triangle.

Now do File/Export/HTML5 JavaSctript App.

The App creation dialog lets you specify
  • Whether the app should rescale when the user changes an input
  • Which inputs the user should be able to modify, and whether the UI is a text input or a slider (in the case of a slider, the user will also be given an animation button).
  • Which outputs to display, and what text to show before the output.
  • The title of the web page.
  • Text for the web page, both before and after the app. export dialog
The resulting html page can be seen here.

Problem of the Month
Point D is proportion t along segment AB, while E is proportion t along segment BC.

Show that the curve outlined by the line DE as t runs between 0 and 1 is a parabola whose axis of symmetry is parallel to the median of triangle ABC.  (An app which lets you play with the problem is here).

Can you come up with a geometric construction which generates the focus and vertex of the parabola from the triangle ABC. (An answer to this is illustrated here).

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