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Geometry Expressions NewsletterAugust 2012  
Announcing Euclid's Muse: a new way to Share Mathematics
Geometry Expressions 3.0 can export powerful, interactive HTML5 apps that can be viewed in web browsers. And now, there's a web site where you can upload and share these apps.

Euclid's Muse is to Geometry Expressions what YouTube is to your video camera.

In addition to interactive apps, you can also upload animations and static images exported from Geometry Expressions. Uploads can be public or private, and you can provide them under two flavors of the Creative Commons License.

Check out what's already up on Euclid's Muse, share your favorites, then create a free account and upload some of your own apps!

How to... Export Apps for Euclid's Muse
You're ready to jump in and share something on Euclid's Muse, but... what's HTML5? With Geometry Expressions, you don't need to know!

Watch the video version, or read on...

First, open or create a model in Geometry Expressions.

Now go to File->Export->HTML5 / JavaScript App.
After choosing which variables and outputs to include, your app will be saved as an html file, and you can upload it to Euclid's Muse.

Now go to euclidsmuse.com and log in or create an account. Click on "Upload" and select the file you exported, choose a license, then hit submit.

Add the title, description, and tags, and you're done!

Share your app using the social media buttons under share, or embed it on your own website with the auto-generated code!
A screenshot of the app view page on Euclid's Muse

Problem of the Month
trammel foci problem   
Pictured are two different ways of drawing the same ellipse, one using Archimedes Trammel, and the other using two pins and a piece of string.
Can you relate the distance between the two pins to the length of the trammel handle AB and the distance between the sliders AC?
And how long is that piece of string?

An interactive app which lets you play with this problem is  here on Euclid's Muse.
Top 10 Apps
Top 10 Geometry Expressions Apps on Euclid's Muse for August 2012
Top 10 Geometry Expressions Apps from the Euclid's Muse Beta:
  1. Crazy Clock
  2. Pythagorean Theorem (Euclid's Elements - Book 1 - Proposition 47)
  3. Circles, Tangents, and Heptagon Diagonals
  4. And the Envelope Please...
  5. Rotating Ellipses
  6. Spin the Chrome Icon!
  7. Golden Section Construction
  8. Epic Trace
  9. Crank Slider

See our YouTube channel for videos exploring features in Geometry Expressions.

Watch more videos about creating Apps with Geometry Expressions.

Learn how to Export an Animation with Geometry Expressions.
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