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Geometry Expressions NewsletterOctober 2012  
Create Apps for the TI NSpire, for browsers, and for iBooks from Geometry Expressions
TI NSpire app
Geometry Expressions lets you create apps for the TI-Nspire, for iBooks as well as for browsers running on tablets, smartphones and computers.

You can export a single Geometry Expressions model in any of the three formats:
  1. HTML5/JavaScript (for browser apps)
  2. Dashboard Widgets (for iBooks)
  3. Lua app (for TI-Nspire) 

Browser app

A variety of different apps can be viewed on the Euclid's Muse website

Watch Videos on creating browser apps.

And a video on the creation of Lua apps for the TI-Nspire.

How to... Correlate a point's motion to a graph 

First create the graph, in this case we have used a piecewise function for Y(X).

Now add a point and use the same function for its y-coordinate (this time as a function of t).

Now set the limits for the parameter t to match the limits of the x coordinate of the graph.

Export.  The resulting app may be viewed (and .gx file downloaded) here.

Problem of the Month
parabola circle   
Point C lies on a parabola with vertex A and focus B.
Show that the tangent and normal to the parabola at C pass through the intersection of line AB and a circle through C centered at B.

An interactive app which lets you play with this problem is  here.
New on Euclid's Muse
Some recent Geometry Expressions generated apps submitted to

Function composition challenge: can you find f() such that f(sin(x)) matches the grey curve?

Fourier series: try varying the coefficients

Four bar linkage: play with this fundamental mechanism.

Proof without words:  A pretty proof of an elliptical locus

See our YouTube channel for videos exploring features in Geometry Expressions.

Watch more videos about creating Apps with Geometry Expressions.

Learn how to Export an Animation with Geometry Expressions.
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