Geometry Expressions

Circle involute, displayed in Clock Form

App Generation

Geometry Expressions enables you to create rich Math Apps, without any programming. You can create JavaScript apps for embedding in a web page, in fact the tool creates a simple html page incorporating your app. You go from zero to .html in minutes

You can also create apps as Dashboard Widgets for easy incorporation in eBooks using Apple's iBook Author, or as Lua Apps for the TI nSpire.

Take a look at these examples to see how.

Picture 1


We create an app which allows the user to specify the side lengths of a triangle, and which outputs the radius of the incircle.

We use text entry and output.

Picture 2


We create an app which dilates a triangle.

The user can drag the center of the dilation. The scale is presented as a slider.

Picture 3


We create an app which allows the user to drag a right angled triangle over a picture, and thus estimate the slope of a cliff face.

Picture 4

Cosine Rule

We create an app which tests the user on the Cosine Rule.

We use random inputs for three variables and a Show/Hide button to conceal/reveal the answer.

Picture 5

Crank Slider

We create an app which illustrates the motion of the crank/slider mechanism.

We attach a timer to one of the variables in order to animate the model.